New Firefighting Foam to be Dispersed to Local Fire Departments

(BROOME COUNTY, NY) – In an effort to improve the ongoing health and safety of our local firefighters, the Broome County Office of Emergency Services purchased 193 5-gallon pails of firefighting foam to disperse to local fire departments in need.

Firefighting foam, officially known as aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF), is used to create a blanket that cuts off the fuel from the oxygen it needs to burn. Per- and polyfluorinated substances (PFAS) are a group of chemicals used to make fluoropolymer coatings and products that resist heat, oil, stains, grease, and water. Studies have revealed exposure to PFAS can result in health effects including altered immune and thyroid function, kidney disease, liver disease, and cancer. PFAS also causes damage to the environment during runoff.

The “Green Plus” foam delivered to Emergency Services does not contain PFAS, meaning it is not only safe for the environment, but more importantly, first responders in the field. The previous firefighting foam used is being disposed of.
The new foam was offered to all Broome County fire departments. Below is a list of participating departments receiving the “Green Plus” foam.

• Binghamton
• Johnson City
• West Corners
• Endwell
• Vestal
• Harpursville
• Conklin
• Sanitaria Springs
• West Windsor
• Choconut Center
• Five Mile Point

Publish Date
February 7, 2024