Broome County Emergency Medical Services Advisory Board


The Broome County EMS advisory Board brings together EMS leadership, local hospital resources along with OES, the Executive office and legislature to build cooperation, communication and resources for an effect EMS system. Striving to improve the safety and wellbeing to the community members; consider problems or suggestions that may be presented by any group or individual relative to emergency medical services or in connection with problems of mutual cooperation and assistance between the several such services available in Broome County. Work in cooperate with the New York State Department of Health and other authorized state agencies in effectuating the purposes for which said agencies were established in relation to such emergency medical services programs. 

Meetings are scheduled on the first Tuesday, every other month; beginning at 6pm.


February UHS - Binghamton General Hospital. 

April - Guthrie Lourdes

June - UHS - Binghamton General

August - Guthrie Lourdes 

October UHS Binghamton General

December - Guthrie Lourdes 



Broome County EMS Advisory Board 12-5-23minutes.pdf