Implementing a Recycling Program

Getting Started

A successful recycling program requires careful planning and implementation. You can avoid delays and problems by thoroughly evaluating all possible options.  If trash disposal is handled by your building's management, coordinate your plans through ht management office.

Designate A Recycling Coordinator

It's important to identify a responsible, enthusiastic employee to organize, implement and encourage participation in the recycling program.  It's the coordinator's job to work with management, maintenance staff, employees and your garbage hauler.

Examine Your Trash

Determine what kinds of recyclable items your business generates. A survey of trash cans, garbage dumpsters, store inventory and supply orders can provide you with reasonably accurate information about the kinds and quantities of recyclables you generate.

Call Your Garbage Hauler

Your hauler is prepared to recycle your business waste. Your hauler can help you identify your recyclables, set-up and efficient collection system and may provide separate containers.

If you generate a high-value recyclable such as office paper, you may want to deal directly with a firm that markets recyclables.  Compare the revenue that might be generated by such an arrangement with the convenience of having one firm collecting your recyclables.

Develop Your Collection System

To encourage participation, collection systems need to be convenient and efficient.  Locate collection bins close to where recyclables are generated.  Find out how your hauler wants materials sorted and prepared.

Include Your Employees in the Process

Your employees are the key to the success of your recycling program.

Fully explain the recycling program and point out the benefits of recycling. Ask them for help in designing and implementing the program. Show that management is committed to making the program work.

Monitor Your Program

Maintain close contact with your hauler and your employees. If there's a problem, act to solve it quickly. Let your employees know how the program is going by providing periodic updates on the amount and quality of material they've recycled.