Law Department

Mission Statement

To legally protect and defend Broome County Government in its deliberations and actions by providing effective legal representation and advice for County Government, including the County Executive, the Legislature and all County departments, boards and agencies.


The Broome County Law Department is organized in two units, the Main Legal Unit and the DSS Legal Unit. Risk and Insurance is a division of the Main Legal Unit. Attorneys in the Main Legal Unit are organized into a Family Court Team, Litigation Team and Contracts Administration. Attorneys in the DSS Legal Unit are organized into a Child Welfare Team, Civil Recovery Team, Child Support Team and Adult Protective Services.

The Broome County Law Department is supervised by:

Cheryl D. Sullivan - Main Legal Unit - 607.778.2117

Howard Schultz - DSS Legal Unit - 607.778.2686

The services that the Law Department provides are detailed in the following chart.

Law Organizational Chart

County Charter and Code

Broome County is a municipal corporation. The rights, privileges, functions and powers of Broome County government are conferred by the Broome County Charter and Code.