Broome County’s Family Violence Prevention Council: Domestic Violence Resources

As we process our community’s recent domestic violence incidents, please remember that help and support are available. 

Broome County’s Family Violence Prevention Council serves as a collaborative arena for local change- it creates and supports meaningful community connections to reduce the incidents and severity of domestic violence in Broome County. 

Our Council’s theme for 2020 is “Connecting for a Safer Broome County.” In our current climate, it can feel difficult to connect with those who can support our safety- but help is available. The Family Violence Prevention Council supports the work of Crime Victims Assistance Center and RISE.

Crime Victims Assistance Center and RISE are more accessible than ever- offering chat technology through their websites, texting, and telephone sessions. The RISE Shelter is open and operating using the most current health and safety standards. 

These professional supports are for anyone impacted by domestic violence. These agencies have advocates ready to help individuals or families in creating individualized, comprehensive, and realistic plans that support safety.

Crime Victims Assistance Center:    

24/7 Crisis Line: (607) 722-4256        

Text: (607) 725-8196              

Office: (607) 723-3200    


24/7 Hotline: (607) 754-4340/ 1-877-754-4340    

Office: (607) 748-7453

Online Chat:

Family Violence Prevention Council 

(607) 778-2153

Publish Date
July 6, 2020