FOIL Request Form

*Please note, when requesting information from the Sheriff's Office please include any or all Date of Births (DOBs) for any individuals that are included within the report. And when requesting information on an individual, please be sure to include a time frame (i.e. 2015-Present), otherwise the Sheriff's Office will have to search back to the individuals DOB, which may take longer than 5 business days.

Additionally, if you are looking for records from the County Clerk, Elections or Social Services you will need to contact those departments directly, per the County Charter and the Freedom of Information Law. For Coroner/ME information please contact the County Attorney directly.

Finally, if you are looking for 911 records, including transcripts and/or audio records, please note that those records are not releaseable under New York State County Law Section 308(4), which states:

  • "Records, in whatever form they may be kept, of calls made to a municipality's E911 system shall not be made available to or obtained by any entity or person, other than that municipality's public safety agency, another government agency or body, or a private entity or a person providing medical, ambulance or other emergency services, and shall not be utilized for any commercial purpose other than the provision of emergency services."


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