Broome County Veterans Discount Program Merchant Application Form

Dear County Business Owner:

We would like to invite you to help us thank our Veterans through an initiative called the Broome County Veterans Discount Program.

This program is one way that BroomeCounty can recognize the service and sacrifices made by our Veterans.  Under the Broome County Veterans Discount Program, Veterans discharged under honorable conditions would receive an ID card identifying them as a Veteran.  Participating merchants would agree to honor the card by providing holders with a discount on purchases or services which they specify.

If you decide to participate, Broome County will provide a poster for you to post in the window of your business identifying you as a participating merchant.  Additionally, the merchant’s name, address and discount particulars will be posted online as well as printed and distributed to qualifying Veterans.  Involvement in the program is voluntary and beneficial to businesses that will undoubtedly realize increased traffic and sales.  

We hope that you will consider becoming a participant.  Please join us in demonstrating our sincere appreciation and support for the efforts of those who keep us safe and fight for our freedom. 

Please use this form to enroll your business in the Broome County Veterans Discount Program.  Be sure to include the official name of your business, the business address, hours, and discount specifications.  This form must be completed by the business owner and verified by the Office of the Broome County Executive.  Merchants reserve the right to withdraw from the program at any time.

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