Point Assessment Chart


Point Assessment Chart
Speed Over The Posted Limit 
1-10 mph3
11-20 mph4
21-30 mph6
31-40 mph8
Greater Than 40 mph11
Speed Not Reasonable / Too Fast For Conditions3
Moving Violations 
Following Too Close4
Passing Red Light / Stop Sign3
Unsafe Lane Change3
Failure To Yield3
Improper Passing3
Failure To Obey Traffic Control Device2



Please note that while New York no longer requires each driver to possess a conviction stub showing the driver’s record of traffic convictions, it is important for you to know the number of prior convictions on your driver's license and when each ticket was issued. If you plead guilty or are convicted of a "points" offense, the points are placed on your driving record starting from the date the ticket was issued and stay on your record for eighteen (18) months from that date. This is true regardless of the date of conviction for the offense. If you are unsure of the date of a past conviction or the current number of “points” on your record, please contact the Department of Motor Vehicles to obtain a copy of your driver’s abstract.

It is important to keep track of your traffic convictions because three (3) speeding convictions within eighteen (18) months or an accumulation of eleven (11) points within eighteen (18) months may result in the suspension of your driving privileges.

If you have other questions or concerns regarding the “points” system, we suggest you call the local NYS Department of Motor Vehicles office at 1-800-225-5368.

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