Family Violence Prevention Council


Our 2021 theme is Reinventing Our Commitment, this theme illustrates our motivation to include new members and create new ways of reaching our community! 

Our chair this year is Rebecca Bradley. She is the Coordinator for Action for Older Persons' Enhanced Multi-Disciplinary Team (E-MDT). To learn more about their work, check out their website: 


Elder Abuse Prevention committee hosts an event for professionals serving seniors. 

May 20, 2021 @ 9:00am 




Council Accomplishments

The mission of the Council is to provide leadership to the community in its effort to reduce the incidence and severity of all forms of family violence. A largely professional volunteer organization with ten working subcommittees, it has devoted numerous hours to a wide variety of activities that focus coordination, advocacy, and education on the prevention and treatment of abuse and neglect and the corollary systems issues.


The Family Violence Prevention Council was formerly the Broome County Child Abuse Council which was formed in 1985 through a County Executive order.


The purpose of the Family Violence Prevention Council is to provide a forum to address the incidence and effects of family violence in the community.

The Council shall strive to:

  • Prevent family violence, maltreatment and neglect in all its forms - child abuse, domestic violence and elder abuse;
  • Protect the most vulnerable members of families and end family abuse where it has occurred;
  • Strengthen and support families and individuals to live lives free of family violence.


The Mission of the Family Violence Prevention Council shall be to reduce the incidence and severity of Family Violence in Broome County including child abuse and neglect, domestic violence, and elder abuse, by developing and implementing a comprehensive, coordinated community program for preventing, as well as identifying, assessing and treating all forms of Family Violence.


The range of supports and services for families and individuals affected by family violence will be improved as a result of the partnering of organizations and individuals within the forum of the Council.

Functions of the Council

Interagency Coordination, Program Development, Training of Professionals, Community Education &  Advocacy.

Professional Organizational Membership

Prevent Child Abuse New York, New York State Coalition on Elder Abuse

Interested in Joining? Check out out Committee descriptions and then contact the coordinator at 607.778.2153