UPDATE: State Confirms Distribution of FMAP Funds

Broome Receives $13.1 million to Help Fund Medicaid Expenses  

(BINGHAMTON, NY) The State has announced Broome County will receive $13.1 million dollars from the Federal Medical Assistance Percentage (FMAP) as part of the America Reinvestment and Recovery Act. In a release from Governor Paterson’s office, New York will receive approximately $2.7 billion in FMAP funding that will be distributed to local governments over 27 months, it is projected that $513.8 million will be provided in State fiscal year 2008-09, $1.4 billion in 2009-10, and $816.4 million in 2010-11. Previously, Broome County Executive Barbara J. Fiala called upon federal leaders to support FMAP while thanking New York’s Senior Senator, Charles Schumer for his work on the FMAP legislation.
“Medicaid costs have continued to increase and counties have had less revenue to afford needed improvements to local infrastructure, mandated costs and the delivery of services to our residents,” said Broome County Executive Barbara Fiala. “I want to again thank our Federal leaders for this much needed funding to provide direct relief to local governments and most importantly to the taxpayers.”
In 2009, it is estimated upstate counties would need to contribute nearly $2 billion dollars to Medicaid, $35.6 million coming from Broome County alone. Broome County will receive approximately $13.1 million in FMAP funds.
In a previous news release, Broome County Executive Fiala recognized fiscal constraints New York State counties are facing, including reductions in sales tax revenue. Such revenue reductions are expected to force lawmakers to eliminate services or raise property taxes to pay for fixed budget items such as Medicaid. FMAP funds will help counties afford Medicaid costs and alleviate tax increases.
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03/04/2009 - 5:26pm