47 Vestal-Endicott Monday-Friday Outbound

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BU Union Parkway Plaza Town Square Mall Wash /North
7:05a 7:15a VM 7:20a 7:35a
7:45a 7:55a VM 8:00a 8:15a
8:25a 8:35a VM 8:40a 8:55a
9:05a 9:15a VM 9:20a 9:35a
9:45a 9:55a VM 10:00a 10:15a
10:25a 10:35a VM 10:40a 10:55a
11:05a 11:15a VM 11:20a 11:35a
11:45a 11:55a VM 12:00p 12:15p
12:25p 12:35p VM 12:40p 12:55p
1:05p 1:15p VM 1:20p 1:35p
1:45p 1:55p VM 2:00p 2:15p
2:25p 2:35p VM 2:40p 2:55p
3:05p 3:15p VM 3:20p 3:35p
3:45p 3:55p VM 4:00p 4:15p
4:25p 4:35p VM 4:40p 4:55p
5:05p 5:15p VM 5:20p 5:35p
6:30p 6:40p VM 6:45p 7:00p
8:00p 8:10p VM 8:15p 8:45p


Outbound:The outbound bus will travel from Binghamton University to Town Square Mall to Endicott as scheduled.

A, B, C etc: Shows time point bus stops along the route. The bus will not leave time point until the time listed.

VM: Provides service to Vestal Medical on request. Please call 607.778.1692 or 607.763.4464 between 7:30 AM and 4:00 PM or ask the driver.