Recycling FAQ

Broome County Single Stream Recycling

Is recycling mandated?

Recycling is mandatory by law (Broome County Charter & Code) in Broome County and applies to households, multifamily dwellings, businesses and institutions.

What materials can I put in my recycling bin?

MIXED PAPER - Newspaper, magazines, catalogs, junk mail, manila folders, envelopes, brown paper bags, white, colored notebooks, fax paper, soft and hard cover books.
CARDBOARD - Pizza boxes, frozen food boxes, corrugated boxes (wavy middle layer) and single layer cardboard (cereal boxes).
CARTONS - Milk and juice cartons.
GLASS - Clear, brown and green (jars and bottles only).
PLASTICS  (No Plastic Bags & No Styrofoam)- Food, beverage containers, detergent containers, shampoo containers, flower pots, plastic egg cartons, small toys (no metal), food storage containers, etc.
METALS - Tin, steel food, beverage cans, aluminum pans, cans, pots, pans, metal bowls and clean foil.

How do I get rid of my old computer?

Broome County holds free electronics and household hazardous waste collections on a monthly basis year round for Broome County residents. Collections are held at the household hazardous waste facility located at the Broome County Landfill. Please follow the links for a listing of collection dates and acceptable materials.

When I put my recyclables out, but who is responsible for collection of the material?

The trash hauler that picks up your garbage is required to provide collection service for recycling. If you do not have garbage service through your municipality or a private hauler then you are responsible for handling your recycling. The county offers a recycling drop-off locations at the Broome County Landfill. Please Note: The county does not provide curbside collection services for trash or recycling.

Where can I find a trash hauler?

If your municipality does not provide trash pick-up, consult the Yellow Pages under "Rubbish & Garbage Removal" for the names of local trash companies.

How do I replace or get a new recycling bin?

To replace or receive a new yellow curbside recycling bin, please contact your private or municipal hauler. If you do not have garbage service, a recycling bin can be picked up at the Broome County Landfill. Larger 32 gallon bins are only available at the County Landfill. To receive a 32 gallon bin you must trade in a  yellow bin.  There is a limit of one 32 gallon bin per household. Additional 32 gallon bins can be purchased for a nominal fee.

We rent space and there is no provision for recycling. What can we do?

Contact your property manager. They are responsible by law (Broome County Charter & Code) to implement a workable recycling program and to arrange for collection and/or transportation of all recyclable materials to a material recovery facility.

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