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Unofficial Bid Results

Broome County has not checked the tabulation for errors or made determination that any bids meet the requirements. The County makes no claim that these are anything other than the prices extended and read aloud at the public bid opening.


2017 Unofficial Bid Results

Bid Opening DateBid NumberDescription
April 26, 20172017-027WPNH North & West Building Boiler Replacement 2017
April 26, 20172017-025Ice Cream, Novelties and Syrup for Parks Concession Stands
April 19, 20172017-023Purchase of Scanners and Associated Consumable Supplies
April 12, 20172017-020Rental and Laundry of Uniforms and Other Items 
April 5, 20172017-019Pest Control for Various County Locations
April 5, 20172017-018Vehicle Procurement Specification Index B, Class 4 Aircraft Rescure Fire-Fighting (ARFF) Equipment
April 5, 20172017-017Purchase of One Index B, Class 4 Aircraft Rescue & Fire-Fighting (ARFF) Vehicle
March 29, 20172017-016Food Provisions for Parks Concession Stands
March 22, 20172017-015Coach Operators Uniforms for BC Public Transportation Dept.
March 8, 20172017-014SMS Delivery of Emergency Communications to a Geo-Diverse PSAP
March 8, 20172017-012Purchase of One (1) New & Unused 2017 Landfill Tarping System
March 1, 20172017-011Over-the-Counter Drugs for WPNH & Other Departments
March 1, 20172017-010Medical & Nursing Supplies for WPNH
March 1, 20172017-008Provision for Gases in Cylinders for Various B.C. Departments
February 22, 20172017-007OEM Parts, Diagnosis, Service of Ford E-450 Buses (No Bidders)
February 22, 20172017-009Environmental Remediation Project
February 22, 20172017-006Purchase of Handheld/Cemetery U.S. Flags (Rebid)
January 18, 20172017-002Pesticides, Plant Growth Regulators & Grass Seed
January 18, 20172017-001Handheld Cemetary Flags for Veterans Services
January 11, 20172016-105OEM Parts, Diagnosis & Service of International Buses
January 11, 20172016-104Service & OEM Diagnosis of Ford E-450 Buses (No Bidders)
January 11, 20172016-103Inmate Clothing & Supplies
January 11, 20172016-102Environmental Remediation Project (No Bidders)


2016 Unofficial Bid Results

Bid Opening DateBid NumberDescription
December 21, 20162016-099Purchase of Pagers for OES
December 14, 20162016-101Purchase of Plow Blades/ Shoes & Salt Spreader Chains
December 7, 20162016-098Bus Replacement Parts
December 7, 20162016-096Coach Operator Uniforms (No Bids)
December 7, 20162016-094B.C. Lift Service
December 7, 20162016-093Copier & Other Papers
November 30, 20162016-090Law Enforcement Academy Clothing & Uniforms
November 16, 20162016-095Transportation & Recycling of Electronics
November 9, 20162016-092Bus Replacement Parts
November 2, 20162016-0891605 Davis Avenue Building Demolition
November 2, 20162016-088Rotary Broom Wafers & Supplemental Supplies
October 26, 20162016-084Catalog Bid for Office Furniture
October 19, 20162016-087Heavy truck Replacement Parts 
October 19, 20162016-083Hi-Lo Electric Beds
October 5, 20162016-082Patient Lift
August 31, 20162016-080Purchase of Sodium Formate/Acetate Blend
August 31, 20162016-079Purchase of Inmate Reception Kits 
August 17, 20162016-07616,000 Lb GVWR Rated Tow Behind Tilt Deck Trailer
August 17, 20162016-07520 Ton Deckover Trailer
August 10, 20162016-074Drain & Sewer Services
August 10, 20162016-073Transportation of Leachate
July 27, 20162016-070Purchase of Solid Airfield Deicer
July 06, 20162016-069Maintenance Repairs to Day Hollow Rd. Culvert
July 06, 20162016-068Purchase of 3 New/Unused Tilt Deck Trailers
June 29, 20162016-063Maintenance/Janitorial Supplies
June 22, 20162016-062Roof Replacement - Broome Co. Office Bldg.
June 22, 20162016-064X-Ray Machine for OES Fire Investigation Team
June 22, 20162016-065Bridge # 3358690 Joint Replacement
June 15, 20162016-058Greater Binghamton Airport Rehabilitation of Runway 16-34
June 8, 20162016-061Copier and Other Papers
June 8, 20162016-055Produce/Print Bus Passes/Transfers (No Bidders)
June 1, 20162016-056Painter Services
June 1, 20162016-054Purchase of X-Ray Machine
May 25, 20162016-057Uniform Shirts, Trousers, Jackets, Hats & Other Items
May 25, 20162016-053Greater Binghamton Airport Boiler Replacement
May 18, 20162016-050Towing and Road Services for Highway & Transit
May 4, 20162016-048A-21 Crushed Gravel - Cobble Material
April 27, 20162016-047Food Provisions for Parks Concessions
April 27, 20162016-046OES Communications Contract 1
April 27, 20162016-045Transit Parking Lot Rehabilitation
April 20, 20162016-040Automotive Body Repairs - Labor & Parts 
April 20, 20162016-044Emergency Comm Upgrades - Antenna Towers
April 20, 20162016-043Emergency Comm Upgrades - Pkgd. Engine Generators
April 20, 20162016-042Emergency Comm Upgrades - Equip. Shelters
April 20, 20162016-032Tanks & Toilet Pumping/Portable Rentals
April 13, 20162016-038Groceries
April 13, 20162016-024Electrical Supplies
April 13, 20162016-030Footwear for Uniformed Sheriff Personnel
April 13, 20162016-037Bridge Steel Preservation
April 6, 20162016-031Uniform Shirts, Trousers, Jackets, Hats & Other
April 6, 20162016-029Food Provisions for Parks Concessions Stands
March 23, 20162016-023Automotive Body Repairs - Labor & Parts for BC Fleet (no bidders)
March 9, 20162016-017OTC Stock Drugs
March 9, 20162016-015Medical & Nursing Supplies
March 9, 20162016-014Purchase of Scanners
March 2, 20162016-021Purchase of Thirty-Nine (39) Televisions, Mounting Hardware and Remote Controls for Willow Point Nursing Home
March 2, 20162016-020Purchase of One (1) Used Excavator
March 2, 20162016-019Green Infrastructure Grant Program - Site & Stormwater Improvements
March 2, 20162016-011Lease to Own Golf Equipment
February 24, 20162016-016Purchase of Raw Meat
February 24, 20162016-012Open Top 40 Yard Roll-Off Containers (2)
February 17, 20162016-008Law Enforcement Academy Clothing & Uniforms
February 17, 20162016-007Maintenance & Service of Elevators
February 10, 20162016-005Purchase of Cemetery US Flags
February 10, 20162016-004Airport Road (CR69) Reconstruction
January 27, 20162016-002Pesticides, Plant Growth Regulators & Grass Seed
January 13, 20162015-127Potassium Acetate
January 6, 20162015-126Groceries (2/1/16 - 4/30/16)
January 6, 20162015-105Copy Paper (8 1/2 x 11) Tie Breaker


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