Public Workshop for Developing the Brandywine Corridor

NYS Brownfield Opportunity Area

(BINGHAMTON, NY)  The Broome County Department of Planning and the City of Binghamton will co-host a public workshop for the Brandywine Corridor on Thursday November 19th from 6-9pm at Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School located at 9 Ogden Street in Binghamton. This workshop is supported by the New York State Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA) grant awarded to Broome County for the Brandywine Corridor which is approximately 158 acres of industrial land between NYS Route 7 (the Brandywine Highway), the railway and north to Bevier Street. The public is encouraged to attend to provide input on the future development of this brownfield area.
Those in attendance will take part in a planning session that will involve the following points of interest: 
·        Address a range of problems posed by multiple brownfield sites;
·        Build a consensus on the future uses for the area with an emphasis on strategic brownfield sites; and
·        Establish the multi-agency and private sector partnerships necessary to leverage assistance and investments to revitalize neighborhoods and communities.
Residents planning on attending are asked to visit: to view the citizen participation plan and further details about the Brandywine BOA. Those who do not have access to the internet can contact the Broome County Planning Department at (607) 778- 2114 for these resources. 
The Brandywine Corridor is dominated by current and former industrial and heavy commercial buildings, the rail corridor, and the Brandywine Highway. Previous entities that operated in the industrial site include: Phillips Foundry, Pa’s Woodshed, the Naval Reserve, and STOW. The site is flanked by undeveloped land, some of which is owned by the Binghamton Local Development Corporation, a non-profit devoted to the economic development of the City of Binghamton.
The BOA program has three steps, and applicants can enter at any step. The three program steps are as follows:
·        Step 1: Pre-Nomination Study - The Pre-Nomination Study is a preliminary description and analysis of the proposed BOA. 
·        Step 2: Nomination - The nomination is an in-depth and thorough description and analysis, including economic and market trends analysis, of existing conditions, opportunities, and reuse potential for properties located in the proposed BOA. The emphasis is on the identification and reuse potential of priority brownfield sites that are catalysts for revitalization.
·        Step 3: Site Assessments and/or Implementation Strategy - The final step is the equivalent to a remedial investigation and conceptual level remedy selection in the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation’s remedial program. This assessment work will result in the identification of the location, nature and extent of contamination on a priority brownfield site with the BOA. The Implementation Strategy will provide a description of the techniques and actions to implement the area-wide plan.
The Broome County Department of Planning and Economic Development completed the Step 1: Pre-Nomination Study in house. As a result, the BOA program continues to Step 2: Nomination stage.
For more information and updates about the Brandywine BOA please visit:


11/09/2009 - 10:14am