2019 Broome County Hazard Mitigation Plan

The Broome County Department of Planning and Economic Development is leading a project to update the County-wide Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP).  This plan is required by state and federal agencies in order for communities in Broome County to be eligible for certain types of non-emergency disaster assistance, including funding for mitigation projects.  The ultimate goal of hazard mitigation is to reduce loss of life and property, lessening the impact of disasters. 

You can view sections of the draft plan through the links below. Comments about the plan may be submitted to the Broome County Planning Department via any of the following means until April 4th, 2019:

Online Comment Form
Mail: Broome County Planning Department, 60 Hawley Street, PO Box 1766, Binghamton, NY 13902

Volume I

Sections 1-3. Introduction, Plan Adoption and Planning Process
Section 4. County Profile
Section 5.1-5.3 Risk Assessment
Section 5.4 Hazard Profiles
5.4.1 Drought
5.4.2 Earthquake
5.4.3 Extreme Temperature
5.4.4 Flood
5.4.5 Invasive Species
5.4.6 Severe Storms
5.4.7 Wildfire
5.4.8 Severe Winter Storm
Section 6 and 7. Mitigation Strategies and Plan Maintenance Procedures

Volume II

Section 8. Planning Partnership
Section 9. Jurisdictional Annexes
9.1 Broome County
9.2 Town of Barker
9.3 City of Binghamton
9.4 Town of Binghamton
9.5 Town of Chenango
9.6 Town of Colesville
9.7 Town of Conklin
9.8 Village of Deposit
9.9 Town of Dickinson
9.10 Village of Endicott
9.11 Town of Fenton
9.12 Village of Johnson City
9.13 Town of Kirkwood
9.14 Town of Lisle
9.15 Village of Lisle
9.16 Town of Maine
9.17 Town of Nanticoke
9.18 Village of Port Dickinson
9.19 Town of Sanford
9.20 Town of Triangle
9.21 Town of Union
9.22 Town of Vestal
9.23 Village of Whitney Point
9.24 Town of Windsor
9.25 Village of Windsor


Appendix A - Adoption Resolutions 
Appendix B - Participation Matrix
Appendix C - Meeting Documentation
Appendix D - Public and Stakeholder Outreach
Appendix E - Supplemental Data
Appendix F - Critical Facilities
Appendix G - FEMA Plan Review Tools
Appendix H - Levee Information
Appendix I - Mitigation Catalog
Appendix J - NYS DHSES Standards