Storm Update From Preston & Emergency Services

At approximately 4:30 PM, a line of severe thunderstorms began to impact Broome County. These storms moved across the county from West to East at approximately 50mph, remaining generally south of the Susquehanna River. There were three reported tornado sightings in the southwestern portion of the county, none reported to have touched down. At this time, none have been confirmed by the National Weather Service (NOAA).

NYSEG is reporting just under 3000 customers without power, the majority located in the Town of Vestal.  Additionally, 669 phone exchanges in the eastern portion of the county are currently not operational.

Local Fire Departments and Law Enforcement Entities have been responding to storm related calls. There are 10 Fire Departments working.  Law Enforcement experienced a consistent spike in storm related calls. The Broome County Community Emergency Response Team has been activated to assist Vestal Fire Department.

Damage reported thus far has been primarily trees and wires down, as well as fire damage related to lightning strikes.

The Broome County EOC was activated shortly after 1600hrs and remains partially activated.

07/26/2012 - 7:15pm