Preston, Sherriff’s Office & Health Department Launch Handicapped Parking Awareness Campaign


(Binghamton, NY) – Broome County Executive Debbie Preston along with the Broome County Sherriff’s Office and Broome County Health Department today launched a Handicapped Parking Awareness Campaign.

For the next six weeks, Public Service Announcements will air on local television and radio stations educating the public about, and discouraging those who are not permitted to do so from, parking in handicapped parking spaces.  Television stations WBNG, WICZ, WIVT/WBGH and Cumulus Radio all donated air time for the PSA’s.  Print materials will also be distributed throughout the community.

“Many people think it is okay to park in a handicapped parking space if they are just briefly stopping at a business; if they are not permitted it is not okay, and we are cracking down,” said Broome County Executive Debbie Preston. “Just as these spaces are required by law, we must obey the law and be good neighbors by savings handicapped parking spaces for those who truly need them.”

According to the Broome County Health Department hundreds of tickets are issued every year in Broome County for unpermitted individuals parking in handicapped parking spaces.

“The misuse of handicapped parking permits and plates may lead to violators being revoked by the DMV or tickets being issued,” said Captain Fred Akshar of the Broome County Sheriff’s Office. “It is also illegal to park in the access aisle or striped area next to a reserved parking space.  These spaces are used to allow room for wheelchairs and specially-equipped vehicles.”

“Reserved parking for people with disabilities ensures safe and equal access to goods and services,” said Supervising Public Health Educator Carrie Abbott. “Reserved parking for people with disabilities is a legal requirement, not just a courtesy.”

The campaign was paid for by a percentage of each ticket issued in Broome County.  No taxpayer dollars went into the campaign.


06/29/2012 - 8:47am