County to Support Eastern Broome Emergency Services through Garnar's Small Communities Grant Fund

Broome County Executive Jason Garnar announced today that Village of Windsor Mayor Ron Harting has applied for funding from the Broome County’s Small Community Grant Fund to support Eastern Broome Emergency Services.

The request for $40,000 was approved by the county’s Hotel-Motel committee in July. The funding will be considered by the Broome County Legislature as a resolution at its August session.

“This is a phenomenal example of the residents of Broome County benefitting from my Small Community Grant Fund. I look forward to signing this resolution in support of Eastern Broome Emergency Services when the Broome County Legislature approves the funding this month.” said Broome County Executive Jason Garnar.

Eastern Broome Emergency Services was formed in March 2018 as a partial consolidation of Deposit Fire Department First Aid & Rescue Company and Windsor Emergency Services. This provides one primary ambulance service for the eastern part of Broome County. The entity is a not-for-profit organization with a Board of Directors overseeing operations and personnel.

According to Eastern Broome Emergency Services, its primary service area includes the Village of Deposit, Village of Windsor, Village of Sherman, Town of Deposit, Town of Sanford, Town of Scott and Town of Windsor.

Mayor Harting explained in the application that the money for Eastern Broome Emergency Services will be used as a startup investment to compliment other local government support for equipment procurement, in particular the purchase of a Zoll cardiac monitor which will link the ambulance bound patient data with the receiving hospitals.

“We believe that the local inter-municipal cooperation including Broome County Emergency services in the creation and support of the EBES demonstrates that multiple layers of government can work together for a common cause. The EBES provides invaluable benefit to all residents of rural eastern Broome providing timely emergency response that often is truly livesaving," said Village of Windsor Mayor Ron Harting.

This consolidation effort will provide resources allowing faster response times and increased pre-hospital services to the 231-square mile area, reaching over 13,000 residents. More than 1,000 EMS calls are answered annually in this area in the eastern portion of Broome County. Their long-term goals include expanding service and hiring additional staff.

County Executive Garnar created the Small Community Grant Fund in the 2018 county budget, which was approved unanimously by the Legislature. This fund is designed to help rural communities in Broome County with grant money to spur the economy, business development and create jobs.

08/02/2018 - 10:51am