New Food Service Providers Selected for Willow Point, OFA and Correctional Facility

(BINGHAMTON, NY) Broome County Executive Jason Garnar announced today that Broome County, through the RFP process, has selected new food service providers for Willow Point Rehabilitation and Nursing Home, the Office for Aging and Broome County Correctional Facility. 

A resolution has been submitted to the Broome County Legislature to enter into a contract with Sodexo and Trinity Services Group, Inc. for food service at various county facilities and departments. This resolution is being submitted for consideration in the July session of the Legislature. 

Sodexo has been selected to provide nutrition services for Willow Point Rehabilitation and Nursing Home, Office for Aging’s senior centers and Meals on Wheels program. Trinity Services Group, Inc. has been chosen to provide the food service to the Broome County Correctional Facility. 

“I made sure this entire process was transparent, inclusive and thorough from the development of the RFP to the selection of the providers, said Jason Garnar, Broome County Executive. “This is a win-win. These changes will result in better quality food service for the residents at Willow Point and save taxpayer money over the length of the contract.” 

The county is projected to save $1 million over the length of the five-year contract. 

Aramark currently provides food service for Willow Point, OFA and the Correctional Facility. The change in county food service is a result of issues of lack of quality and late meals at Willow Point. This was announced by the County Executive in Feb. 2018. 

To resolve these issues, the County Executive announced that Broome County would exercise its contractual right to initiate the termination of the existing Aramark contract. The Executive immediately assembled an internal team to develop a comprehensive Request for Proposal (RFP). This team was comprised of representatives from Willow Point, OFA, the Sheriff’s Office, Purchasing Department, Management and Budget and Executive Office. 

The most important factor in the development of the RFP was the decision to offer the future contract as an all in one or as two separate contracts, splitting the Correctional Facility from the Office for Aging and Willow Point. 

The newly developed RFP specifications addressed all the issues regarding current food services across Broome County, with emphasis on quality and expertise in management and operational capabilities. During the review process these specifications were addressed through intense review processes, reference verification, site visits, and quality sampling.  

A selection committee was formed to review and score the RFPs submitted. Members of the selection committee included representatives from the Executive’s Office, Legislature, Willow Point, Office for Aging, Management and Budget, Sheriff’s Office and Purchasing. 

“Sodexo and Trinity Services Group, Inc. offer competitive advantages based on their business models and approaches to the services that the County requires,” said Tyler West, Director of Purchasing, “The County food services programs will see a substantial shift toward a quality driven model. Broome County will not be generating value based solely on cost but rather through a comprehensive, cost-effective, quality driven model that will provide a better value product.” 

The goal is to transition from the current provider, Aramark, to the new food service providers, Sodexo and Trinity Services Group, Inc. by the end of 2018.

06/25/2018 - 2:46pm