Broome County Curbside Recycling Program

(BINGHAMTON, NY) Recently many residents have noticed area haulers are paying closer attention to the materials in their curbside bins.  This is in part due to the current market conditions for recyclables. Through the years the recycling market, like any commodity market, has experienced upward and downward turns.
In the wake of China’s National Sword policy, which was in response to the high contamination of recyclables imported to the country, it banned the import of some recyclable materials and set an exceedingly low contamination rate for others. There have been far-reaching impacts on recycling markets that have greatly affected recycling facilities nationwide and locally as recyclers work to decrease contamination. Materials not part of the accepted curbside recycling program are considered contaminates and can affect the recyclability of other materials. 
Broome County is asking residents to pay careful attention to the recycling guidelines. If residents are unsure about the recyclability of an item, they can contact the Division of Solid Waste Management or visit the County website at
Some common items that are mistakenly placed in the curbside recycling bins are plastic bags, Styrofoam, and take-out food containers. Plastics are the most challenging material as they are specific to the type of container (examples: ketchup, shampoo, or yogurt containers, etc.) and not to the resin code (the number in the triangle arrows).
Through increased efforts as a county we can demonstrate the ongoing support of recycling by ensuring the materials we place in our bins are part of the program. This will assist our local recycling facilities that must sort and meet specifications to market the recyclables to an end user.
The Division of Solid Waste can be contacted at (607) 778-2250 or visit the County website at for recycling program guidelines

06/12/2018 - 9:20am