New Animal Abuser Registry on Sheriff's Office Website


(BINGHAMTON, NY) Broome County is establishing an online Animal Abuser Registry. The Broome County Sheriff’s Office will be establishing and maintaining the registry.


In November, the Broome County Legislature approved the resolution to establish the registry.


Residents of Broome County convicted of animal abuse crimes will be placed on the registry. This will prevent these individuals from adopting, purchasing or obtaining animals from shelters, pet sellers or others involved in the sale and or adopt of pets.


Animal abuse crimes include abandonment, failure to provide proper food and drink, animal fighting, aggravated cruelty and others.


An individual placed on the Animal Abuser Registry will have his/her name on the list for 15 years following his/her release from incarceration or if not sent to jail, the date of conviction. Upon a second offense, the individual will remain on the registry for life.


Under the Broome County Animal Abuser Registry law, animal shelters and pet sellers are prohibited from transferring animal ownership to animal abuse offenders.


Broome County residents convicted of an animal abuse crime must register with the registry and pay a registration fee. Those who do not comply could face up to one year in jail and up to a two thousand dollar fine.


The Sheriff’s Office is currently working with Broome County Information Technology to build the registry on its website. The registry is scheduled to be online in January 2018.



UNDERSHERIFF ERIC JANIS, Broome County Sheriff’s Office said “The Broome County Sheriff’s Office supports this new initiate. We will establish the Animal Abuser Registry and diligently maintain it in order to protect animals from potential abusers.”


MARY KAMINSKY, Broome County Legislator said “I am thrilled that Broome County will have an animal abuse registry.  If an individual is charged with animal cruelty they will not be able to go to the nearest shelter and adopt another animal. Animals are innocent, faultless and voiceless it is our job to protect them.”


JORDAN PATCH, Owner of Animal Adventure Park, said “"The Animal Abuse registry will be a fantastic resource for local adoption centers, retailers, and private individuals who are placing pets in new homes. This registry will help prevent animals from becoming the next "victim" by placing them with prior offenders.  This system creates accountability on all levels, from the pet providers to the offenders." 

Audrey Woerter, Founder of Every Dogs Dream said "The animal abuse registry will be something our rescue will utilize every time we start the application process. It provides our rescue with a much needed safety measure when placing our animals in their forever homes.”


JASON GARNAR, Broome County Executive said “Our pets are like family members. We need to protect them and this registry is the first line of defense in making sure those who are privileged to own an animal have a clean record.”



12/07/2017 - 1:21pm