Road Construction Schedule for the Week of 10/15-10/21

Road Construction Schedule for the Week of 10/15-10/21

BINGHAMTON, NY – The Highway Division of the Broome County Public Works Department in conjunction with the New York State Department of Transportation has announced the following roads scheduled to be rehabbed during the week of October 15th through October 21st.


Brush & tree cutting will continue with two tree crews.

Ditching will be performed on Bevier Street in Kirkwood and Port Dickinson, East Maine Road in Town of Maine and Ballyhack Road in Fenton

Several roads will striped by the Highway Paint Shop

Mowing will be performed in County Right of Way.

Shoulder rehab will be performed  on Killawog Hill Road and Owen Hill Road in Lisle as well as Colesville Road in Colesville and Kirkwood

Tuesday 10/17 T&L shim paving will begin on Pierce Creek Road in Binghamton and Conklin under contract with Broome Bituminous Products.

10/13/2017 - 2:49pm