Health Advocates Launch Website To Protect New Yorkers from Secondhand Smoke In Their Homes

Tobacco Free Broome and Tioga, together with 28 tobacco control organizations across New York State has launched The site is specifically created as a resource for tenants, landlords/property owners and realtors. It offers a 'how to' for handling drifting tobacco smoke issues in apartments, coops, condos, along with other forms of multi-unit living.

"Public acceptance of secondhand smoke is dwindling and the demand for smoke-free environments is on the rise," said Sharon Fischer, Coordinator for Tobacco Free Broome. "New Yorkers are no longer exposed to secondhand smoke in the workplace, and now will help New Yorkers take steps to protect themselves and their families from this hazard at home.

Resources offered by the web-site range from providing tenants with actions to address secondhand smoke, offering landlords smoke-free policy adoption/implementation ideas to promotional tips for realtors.