Travelers to Encounter Additional Bag Fees

(Maine, NY) In an effort to assist air travelers preparing for their upcoming trips the Greater Binghamton Airport would like to ensure their customers are aware of soon to be implemented policies for checked bags by the airlines serving BGM. As a result of airlines continued efforts to counter the effects of increased fuel expenses, airlines will soon begin assessing fees for any additional checked bag over one per passenger.

In early February United Airlines announced its intentions of charging a $25 fee for a second bag checked for most domestic coach class flights. This announcement was followed with a similar plan by US Airways a few weeks later. Northwest announced their intentions of charging additional baggage fees at the end of March. These additional fees are projected to help offset additional expenses the airlines have accrued recently as a result of record high fuel prices that have created fiscal hardships in the airline industry.

Travelers using the Greater Binghamton Airport should be aware of these new baggage policies which will begin May 5th. To avoid paying additional fees passengers have the option of being frugal and simply packing lighter, or shipping additional items through an outside service.

Additional information can be found on each airline's website or at