Broome County One of First to Implement NY-Alert

- State Emergency Notification System -

=$prPicture;?>BINGHAMTON, NY - Broome County Executive Barbara Fiala was joined by Brett Chellis, Director of Emergency Services and John Gibb, Director of the New York State Emergency Management Office (SEMO) at a morning news conference to introduce NY-Alert, the state's reverse notification system. NY-Alert allows officials to quickly alert residents of potential hazards and emergencies via phone and facsimile transmissions. The public is also able to sign up for additional alerts via email and mobile technology on the state website:

"NY-Alert improves public safety by integrating today's technology and enabling us to inform the community quickly during an emergency," stated Executive Barbara Fiala. "I encourage community members to sign up on the NY-Alert site and tailor the types of alerts they would like to receive. We are one of the first counties in the state to implement this important reverse notification system."

Both Broome County Emergency Services and SEMO provide information to the NY-Alert system. It includes both voluntary and non-voluntary alerts. All county residents' phone numbers are being transferred from the 911 database into the NY-Alert system. During a large scale emergency automated calls will be made directly to residents informing them of critical conditions.

Residents are also able to sign up for additional alerts on the NY- Alert website ( The website is consistently updated during emergencies and quickly disseminates information to those who are registered. Registrants are able to select the modes they wish to receive updates which include text messaging, email and RSS feeds.

“Currently, we are working to upload phone numbers into the notification system,” said Broome County Director of Emergency Services, Brett Chellis. “NY-Alert will greatly improve our community's ability to respond to events such as sever weather and flooding.”