National Weather Service says Broome County "Storm Ready"

     BINGHAMTON, NY - Broome County Executive Barbara Fiala along with Broome County Legislative Chairman Daniel Schofield will accept the National Weather Service's "StormReady" designation at a news conference scheduled for Wednesday, September 14th at 4 P.M.

"StormReady" means a community meets National Weather Service standards for handling severe weather events. Broome County becomes the 9th county in New York State to receive this designation.

At the news conference, the National Weather Service and Broome County officials will talk about the preparedness efforts that have taken place in the County and they will explain why it is important for a community to be "StormReady".

Broome County/National Weather Service
"StormReady" News Conference
Wednesday, September 14th @ 4 P.M.
6th Floor, Broome County Office Building