Military Family Room Takes Off At Greater Binghamton Airport

Broome County Executive Debbie Preston today opened the new Military Family Room at the Greater Binghamton Airport. The Military Family Room will provide a private setting for military members and their families to relax before departures, and to reconnect upon arrivals at the Airport. She was joined by Legislator and US Army Veteran David Jensen (R-Endicott), Aviation Commissioner Carl Beardsley Jr., Veterans Services Director Brian Vojtisek and Olum’s Department Store President Keith Solomon.

“Our Military men and women put their lives on the line in deference of freedom,” said Broome County Executive Debbie Preston. “The least we can do is provide a comfortable and private setting at the Greater Binghamton Airport to receive a proper send-off prior to deployment, and experience the emotion of reuniting with their loved ones upon their return.”

"I'm honored to join in the opening of the new Military Family Room at the Airport," said CountyLegislator and US Army Veteran David Jensen. "This new space will give Veterans and their families a comfortable place to visit before they depart or when they return from serving our Country out of the area. A special thank you to Olum's for helping to outfit the room."

The $8,000 Military Family Room comes at no cost to BroomeCounty property taxpayers. It was constructed using funding from the Veterans Trust Account, which is funded through the New York State Real Estate Transfer Tax. The Military Family Room was furnished with couches and a flat-screen TV through the generous sponsorship of Olum’s Department Store.

The Military Family Room increases the services offered at the Greater Binghamton Airport, launching BGM to the heights of larger airports like HancockInternationalAirport in Syracuse and AlbanyInternationalAirport.

“The Greater Binghamton Airport sees hundreds of military members each year,” said Aviation Commissioner Carl Beardsley Jr. “As we continue to grow our Airport, serving our military and their families is a priority; we are proud to offer this outstanding and well-deserved service.”


05/07/2013 - 3:08pm