Debbie Preston And Jerry Marinich And Other Officials Promote Volunteer Firefighter Recruitment Day, Honor Firefighter

Broome County Executive Debbie Preston and Legislature Chairman Jerry Marinich today promoted Volunteer Firefighter Recruitment Day in Broome County, which is Saturday April 21st from 12-3pm at over 20 Fire Departments throughout Broome County. They were joined by Village of Port Dickinson Mayor Kevin Burke, Port Dickinson Fire Department Chief Mike Scott and Broome County Firefighters Association President Rob Brady.

“This is an opportunity for the public to visit their neighborhood Fire Department and see what our Volunteer Firefighters do every day,” said Broome County Executive Debbie Preston. “You don’t have to be interested in emergency services to volunteer; no matter what your skill set is, from accounting to vehicle maintenance, there is a need for your service to your community.”

This is the fourth Volunteer Firefighter Recruitment Day, which was first held in 2008, under the planning of Port Dickinson Firefighter Bob Shaller, who passed away two weeks ago while planning this year’s Event.

Preston and Marinich jointly declared Saturday April 21st as “Robert T. Shaller Volunteer Firefighter Recruitment Day” in Broome County.

"Even up to the day of his passing, Bob Shaller was giving his time and energy to promote Volunteer Firefighter Recruitment Day," said Legislature Chairman Jerry Marinich. "It's fitting that we recognize him by naming this year's Recruitment Day in his honor and urge our friends and neighbors to give back to their community by volunteering at their local fire department."

Members of the public are urged to support their local Volunteer Fire Department and donate their time to help their communities and neighborhoods respond to emergencies.

“Many of our communities depend on the services of our Volunteer Firefighters,” said Broome County Fire Coordinator Brett Chellis. “Their dedication to Broome County is extraordinary; we wouldn’t be able to survive without them and their dedication and bravery.”

Broome County has 32 Volunteer Fire Departments; last year they responded to 3,578 EMS calls and 5,766 Fire calls.


04/17/2012 - 3:35pm