County-wide taxicab regulation to be considered by County Legislature


County-wide taxicab regulation to be considered by
County Legislature
(Binghamton, NY). The Broome County Legislature will consider a Local Law establishing taxicab regulations by the County during its March Session. The Local Law will be debated on in multiple committees and at the Regular Session on Thursday, March 18th at 5.00pm.
The County Administration committee will be the Prime Committee on this Local Law as set forth in the legislature’s Rules of Order. The Prime Committee is the only committee which can make amendments to the Local Law before it goes before the full legislature. They will meet on Thursday, March 11th at 4.00pm.
This local law is a product of two years of committee work by the Taxicab Service Committee which was formed by the Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce in 2008 at the urging of the Broome County Hotel and Motel Association and included representatives from various economic development agencies, local governments, law enforcement agencies, and the taxi industry.
Broome County currently has a fragmented approach to the regulation of the taxicab industry among its constituent municipalities and county departments. In an effort to establish a unified and consistent standard, the Taxicab Services Committee has recommended a county-wide approach to the regulation of the taxi industry.
The legislature has made this document available on its website, in an effort to receive input from the public during its committee process. All taxi companies registered with the City of Binghamton have been notified of the availability of this document. 


02/22/2010 - 3:12pm