Broome County Executive Debbie Preston, Legislature Chairman Jerry Marinich Announce Sell/Lease Task Force

Broome County Executive Debbie Preston and Legislature Chairman Jerry Marinich today announced details of the County’s first-ever Sell/Lease Task Force.

The Sell/Lease Task Force will study the feasibility of selling or leasing County-owned facilities, including: the Arena, Forum, Willow Point Nursing Home, Airport and Landfill.
“Some of these facilities make money, some break even, and some lose money,” said Preston. “We must balance each facility’s bottom line with the positive impacts they bring to our community. The County cannot continue to be in the business of operating facilities that continually cost the taxpayers millions of dollars.”
The Task Force is comprised of seven members; four appointed by the County Executive, one appointed by the Chairman of the Legislature, one appointed by the Legislature's Majority Leader, and one appointed by the Legislature's Minority Leader.
"I commend County Executive Preston for establishing this Task Force to look at County-owned facilities to see if they can be better operated or managed to meet the service needs of County residents while reducing costs to taxpayers," said Legislature Chairman Jerry Marinich. "The Task Force is made up of representatives from the community, not elected officials, and we're looking forward to reviewing the Task Force's report after it's completed."
The Task Force will identify the strengths and weaknesses of each facility and make a formal recommendation to the County Executive and Legislature as to the feasibility of selling or leasing these facilities.
Appointed by the County Executive are:
Matt Vitanza: who brings legal, Real Estate and business experience as Special Counsel at Hinman, Howard and Kattell LLP, a licensed Real Estate Broker and President of the Board of the Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce;
Jeff Davis: who brings consulting and Health Care expertise as a former regional member of the New York State Commission on Health Care Facilities (Berger Commission), Professor at Binghamton University,  and Consultant at Lourdes Hospital and UHS;
Ken Badger: who brings 35 years of experience between the public and private sector as former Director of Budget & Research for Broome County and Manager of Financial Planning for UHS; and
Larry Roma: who brings 34 years of facilities planning and management experience, currently as Vice President for Facilities Management at Binghamton University, and formerly as Director of Facilities Planning and Campus Architect at Binghamton University.
Appointed by the Legislature Chairman is:
Nancy Phillips: who brings marketing and community arts organization experience as Marketing Director at the Oakdale Mall and Board Member of over 20 community boards and committees, including: The United Way, The Art Mission, Roberson Museum, The Cidermill Playhouse and The Binghamton Philharmonic.
Appointed by the Legislative Majority is:
Joe Conaty: who brings small business experience as owner of local car wash chain, Wash at Joe’s Laser Wash.
Appointed by the Legislative Minority is:
Vince Pasquale:  who brings leadership and governmental experience as Assistant Dean at the Binghamton University School of Management and former Broome County Legislator.
The first meeting of the Task Force will be within 30 days. A final report of their recommendations will be due within 120 days of the first meeting.


03/22/2012 - 9:08am