Black and Preston Launch Public Input Outreach For First Comprehensive Plan In Nearly 50 Years

Legislator John Black (R-Endwell) and Broome County Executive Debbie Preston today announced the development of BroomeCounty’s first Comprehensive Plan since 1963. They were joined by Broome County Economic Development & Planning Commissioner Elaine Miller and Chief Planner Frank Evangelisti.

“It’s important that we chart our path toward the future with the opinions of our residents, community leaders and the organizations that serve BroomeCounty,” said County Executive Debbie Preston. “A new Comprehensive Plan is vital as we vision and work toward the BroomeCounty of tomorrow. Public input is instrumental in this process because we’re not running our government; we’re managing the people’s government.”

"For the first time in almost 50 years, the County is developing a real plan to focus our economic development efforts," said Legislator John Black (R-Endwell). "As Chairman of the CountyLegislature's Economic & Rural Development and Planning Committee I urge members of the public to share their ideas for the future of BroomeCounty."

The Comprehensive Plan will address jobs, housing, infrastructure, land use, open space and water resources.

The BC Plan, published in February 2002, addressed only Economic Development aspects of the County.

“This Comprehensive Plan will be the County’s game plan for making policy, attracting investment and determining the most effective use of our resources,” said Economic Development & Planning Commissioner Elaine Miller. “The process will identify common issues among our municipalities, provide a foundation for future plans, and physically, economically and socially connect all our communities. We are encouraging broad public participation so that our residents and stakeholders have a voice about how the County grows over the next couple of decades.”

A Steering Committee has been formed to facilitate the process that will author the Comprehensive Plan.

There are three steps in developing the Comprehensive Plan:

1. Taking stock of our current condition;

2. Developing a vision for the future; and
3. Creating an action plan to move from the current condition to the vision.

Community involvement is essential in all three stages. 


To solicit feedback from as many residents as possible, County residents are asked to take a survey at:

Those without access to the internet may take the survey at the Broome County Library, or request a survey be mailed to them, by calling the Planning Department at (607) 778-2114.

Over the next 12 months, the Steering Committee will hold meetings throughout the County as draft chapters of the Comprehensive Plan are authored.

More information on the plan can be found on the County website at


08/17/2012 - 8:10am