Broome County Kids Count

The 13 member agencies of the New York State Council on Children and Families have established a set of goals and objectives for children, youth and families in six major life areas: Economic Security; Physical and Emotional Health, Education, Citizenship, Families and Communities. To measure results in these areas, the Council has also adopted a set of core outcome measures or indicators that will help guide the State's health, education and human services agencies in setting both interagency and single agency agendas. This common set of goals, objectives, and measures for improving outcomes for children and families is New York State Kids Counts. Broome County's ICP employs these Kids Counts to guide planning in all the six life areas of a child's development and family life.

Economic Security

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Children and youth will be raised in families with sufficient economic resources to meet their basic needs

  • Children and youth will be raised in households with sufficient economic resources to provide food, clothing, shelter and other necessities.

Youth will be prepared for their eventual economic self-sufficiency

  • Youth will have skills, attitudes and competencies to enter college, the workforce or other meaningful activities. - Youth seeking summer jobs will have employment opportunities.

Adults will have sufficient economic resources to meet their basic needs

  • Adults who are physically or mentally impaired will receive the maximum benefits to which they are entitled. - Impaired adults will be protected from financial exploitation

Physical and Emotional Health

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Children and youth will have optimal physical and emotional health

  • Infants will be born healthy
  • Children and youth will be physically fit
  • Children and youth will be emotionally healthy
  • They will be free from risk behaviors (e.g., smoking, drinking, substance abuse, unsafe sexual activity)
  • Children and youth with service needs due to mental illness, developmental disabilities and/or alcohol or substance abuse problems will have access to timely and appropriate services

Adults will have optimal physical and emotional health

  • Impaired adults with mental health, developmental and physical health needs will have access to timely and appropriate assessments and services


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Children will leave school prepared to live, learn and work in a community as contributing members of society

  • Children will come to school ready to learn
  • Students will be educated in a safe, supportive, drug-free and nurturing environment
  • Students will stay in school until successful completion


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Children and youth will demonstrate good citizenship as law-abiding, contributing members of their families, schools and communities

  • Children and youth will assume personal responsibility for their behavior. Children and youth will refrain from violence and other illegal behaviors
  • Youth will delay becoming parents until adulthood


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Families will provide children with safe, stable and nurturing environments

  • Parents/caregivers will provide children with a stable family relationship
  • Parents/caregivers will possess and practice adequate child-rearing skills
  • Parents/caregivers will be positively involved in their children's learning
  • Parents/caregivers will have the knowledge and ability to access support services for their children
  • Parents/caregivers will provide their children with households free from physical and emotional abuse, neglect and domestic violence

Adults will have the opportunity to live in safe, stable and nurturing environments

  • Impaired adults who are abused, neglected or exploited by others will be protected
  • Impaired adults at risk of harm who are unable to make their own decisions, and refuse necessary services, will be provided with assessments and appropriate legal interventions
  • Adults unable to live on their own will be able to reside in residential settings, including home-like settings


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Broome County will provide children, youth and their families with opportunities to help them meet their needs for physical, social, moral and emotional growth

  • Broome County will make available and accessible formal and informal services (e.g., childcare, parent training, recreation, youth services, libraries, museums and parks)
  • Adults in the community will provide youth with good role models and opportunities for positive adult interactions
  • Broome County will provide opportunities for youth to make positive contributions to community life and to practice skill development