Binghamton and Johnson City Sign Resolutions Supporting Reduction of Tobacco Advertising

Eliminate tobacco signage in convenience stores

BINGHAMTON, NY - Another victory for of our community’s health has been achieved in Broome County. On February 2nd and 3rd respectively, the Binghamton City Council and the Village of Johnson City trustees approved a resolution supporting a reduction of tobacco advertising at retail tobacco outlets such as convenience stores. This resolution encourages tobacco retailers to decrease overall tobacco advertising in their places of business and to eliminate tobacco advertising from areas likely to be seen by children. Reality Check and Tobacco Free Broome initiated the resolutions, which were passed unanimously by both municipalities. Statewide, over 130 municipalities have signed resolutions supporting the reduction of tobacco advertising in the retail environment.

The tobacco industry spends millions of dollars each year on marketing tobacco products, which is highly effective in reaching youth. Three out of four teens shop at convenience stores at least once a week, and they are more likely than adults to be influenced by convenience store promotions. Research shows that tobacco advertising influences youth to initiate smoking more than peer pressure.

Please join in the effort to make reduction of tobacco ads a priority. For more information about reduction of tobacco advertising, visit


02/20/2009 - 11:01am