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Broome County Water Rescue and Dive Team

The Broome County Water Rescue and Dive Team consists of an all volunteer membership of over 20 certified divers and numerous support personnel.    The teams performs dives to support rescue and police operations in Broome County, and mutual aid assistance to surrounding counties. Since the inception in 2004, the Dive Response Team has performed numerous dives for both training and emergencies in their personal gear. Year 2005 found funding assistance from Assemblyman Robert Warner’s Office which purchased several essential pieces of equipment.  This funding has been followed up by Senator Thomas Libous in 2008.  Monies from several state and federal grants were also explored to purchase equipment to support the dive teams goals. 

Currently the Dive Teams trains monthly and has equipment to dive in all weather conditions.  The Broome County Dive Team is available to local fire departments for training in water rescue skills.