State of Emergency Lifted-County Office Buildings to Open at 10am




At 5am, after consulting with Broome County Emergency Services and the Broome County Highway Department, Broome County Executive Barbara J. Fiala lifted the State of Emergency in Broome County.  Road crews have been out all night tackling the storm which has dumped anywhere between 8-16 inches(unofficial) of snow on Broome County.  Just because the State of Emergency is lifted, does not mean it isn’t bad out there.  Roads are still snow covered and slippery and in some cases might be impassable(in the rural areas mainly but even on some side streets in the urban areas.)
Broome County Government will open for business today but as a result of the heavy snowfall experienced overnight,  County Office Buildings will not open until 10am.  Broome County Courts have closed but all other county operations will open today, Friday, February 26th, again at 10am.  If someone in your department can update your main line’s voicemail to communicate that, that would be helpful(just make sure to change it back when you get in).
If you have personal issues or feel you cannot make it in today, you need to contact your supervisor and let them know that directly.  Otherwise, Broome County Government Offices will open at 10 am today.



02/25/2010 - 8:32pm