Solar Energy Heats Water at County Office Building


New Solar Panel Water Heater Installed   
(Binghamton- NY) On its rooftop, the Broome County Office Building now has a solar panel installed to heat the building’s water. The new SunMaxx solar panel will eliminate natural gas consumption for creating hot water. The new solar panel is part of several upgrades the facilities management staff has undertaken to save resources and make the government building green. The county paid $8,000 for the solar panel, including installation.
“We have been evaluating methods in which we can make our facilities greener and also reduce utility costs,” said Barbara J. Fiala Broome County Executive. “Small changes in our lighting fixtures, building materials and temperature regulation can reduce our energy bills and generate a cost savings for our taxpayers.”   
The county has estimated the new panel will save $1,640 each year in natural gas costs. Within five years, the solar panel will generate enough savings to cover the cost of the panel itself. Evans Mechanical installed the solar panel on the County Office Building rooftop. 
“Implementing new fixtures such as this solar panel water heater will produce long term savings for the county,” said Michael Lynch Deputy Commissioner of Public Works. “We are taking a cost effective approach in building maintenance by using energy efficient products.”
The solar panel will conduct enough energy to heat the buildings water year round. For more information on this technology and the SunMaxx solar panel visit:


03/16/2009 - 10:55am