Preston Announces Over $250,000 In Flood-Related Fraud Busts


(Binghamton, NY) – Broome County Executive Debbie Preston today announced $254,508 in Flood-related Fraud abuses, detected by the Broome County Security Division.

The Investigations began in January 2012 by the Security Division’s Case Integrity Unit.

“I’ve been through two floods in Conklin and it’s sickening that people have attempted to exploit devastation for personal gain,” said Preston. “I drive through Conklin every day, and there are homeowners and businesses that haven’t returned almost a year later; in some cases six years. 

Our Security Division is among the best in the Country, and this is further proof that if you attempt to scam the system in Broome County, we’re coming after you.”

New York State Law allows for the replacement of Food Stamps, when a recipient reports a loss of food resulting from disasters like flooding.

“The County Executive made it clear in January that assistance for those affected by the flood was a necessity, but there would be no tolerance for those who attempt to abuse the system,” said Security Division Director James Dadamio.

Following the Flood, the Broome County Department of Social Services received 933 new Food Stamp cases. A total of 154 applications were denied upon the routine screening process. 

·         78 cases have been closed as unsubstantiated;

·         59 cases deemed substantiated as intentionally submitting a fraudulent application; and

·         17 additional cases are pending potential disqualification or potential criminal charges.

As a result 59 individuals have been disqualified from the Food Stamp Benefit Program for a length of time in accordance with regulations, totaling a cumulative 900 months.

“There is no penalty too strict for people who attempt to scam the system at the misfortunate of others,” said Preston.



08/06/2012 - 2:33pm