Pre-winter Storm Affects BGM Air Traffic

(Maine, NY) Winter weather that has blanketed communities extending from our Nation’s Capital and into the northeast has caused many flight cancellations and delays. Although the Greater Binghamton Airport has not felt the brunt of this storm in the form of snowfall, flights to/and from BGM have been impacted because of the conditions found at the hub airports BGM has direct connections to. More specifically, flights to and from the airports in Philadelphia and Washington Dulles have been delayed, and at times, cancelled due to safety, operations and air traffic issues resulting from this severe winter storm.

“In collaboration with our airline partners, we have worked to accommodate travelers during these unavoidable and unfortunate delays,” said Commissioner of Aviation Carl Beardsley. “Air traffic has been greatly affected by the severe winter weather. Thankfully, we are beginning to see less cancellations and shorter delays.”
The City of Philadelphia experienced the second-largest snowfall since it began keeping records in 1884. Over 23 inches of snow covered the tarmac at Philadelphia International Airport hampering air traffic.
“Airlines are working feverishly to accommodate those passengers who were delayed as a result of the storm and those traveling for the Christmas holiday,” Beardsley stated.
Those traveling or awaiting arrivals are advised to continue monitoring airport and airline websites. For information regarding BGM and local air traffic visit:


12/21/2009 - 2:29pm