County Office Building to Remain Closed For Cleanup

Departments Serve Public from Alternative Offices

(Binghamton, NY) The Edwin L. Crawford County Office Building will remain closed until the clean up of dust and particles can be completed over the next two to four weeks. Debris entered the building from underground construction on the evening of Tuesday April 14th which forced the building’s closure. Over the weekend, departments will be relocating to off site locations to better serve the public as the building undergoes remediation. Department relocation information is posted on  
“Our main priority is continuing county operations and providing critical services to the public,” said County Executive Barbara J. Fiala. “The building cannot be inhabited until it is thoroughly cleaned and the HVAC systems are restored. While it cannot be business as usual, we are working to operate as close to business as usual, as possible.”
Broome County operations have been distributed to various county owned or leased properties. Over 400 employees are being relocated to alternative sites. Departments will be open for business in their new location at 8am on Monday, April 20th. All county departments are available by telephone and email for services.
The following is a list of the affected departments and where they have been relocated to.
Broome County Department Relocation:
Audit/Purchasing                   Broome County Library Decker Room
Clerk/DMV                                       HSBC 243 Main Street Johnson City NY
Engineers/BMTS                               State Office Building 18th floor
Executive/Law/Budget/Legislature Broome County Library
Information Technology                    Office of Emergency Services
Office for Aging/ CASA                     Department of Social Services
Parks Department                        Broome County Veterans Memorial Arena
Personnel/ Risk and Insurance     Office of Employment and Training 171 Front Street
Planning/Environmental Management Council     Innovation Center 123 Court Street
Print Shop/Mail/ Elections            441 Commerce Road Vestal
Real Property/ Finance               Broome County Library 2nd floor
Security                                          Hawley Street Auxiliary Building
Veterans affairs                             Broome County Health Department                
Weights and Measures                  Transit
Environmental testing in the building was completed by Jennings Environmental Management Inc. Asbestos bulk sample testing was completed along with air sampling. Four particulate samples were initially taken, three were negative one sample had result with a trace of asbestos. Further testing was completed and analyzed in specialized laboratories. It was determined that less than 1 % by weight of the sample contained asbestos. This finding is below the acceptable limits for bulk sample regulations established by the Environmental Protection Agency.
Sixteen air samples were taken eight were clear and eight had an abundance of airborne particulates that clogged filters. There is a significant amount particulate contamination throughout much of the building that must be cleaned. LVI Environmental Services, Inc. is on the site has begun cleanup. The HVAC system which has been turned off will be decontaminated and new filters will be installed.  
Over the weekend, the Broome County Hazmat team will work with departments who need to enter the building to retrieve essential materials. Those entering the building will be suited up in protective gear and will take items through a decontamination process. 
A stop work order on the underground reconstruction project at the government complex has been issued by the New York State Office of General Services (OGS) which oversees the project. Any questions regarding the construction project should be directed to OGS Public Information Officer Brad Maione.
“While we do not oversee this construction project, we have to deal with the results of what has happened,” said Executive Fiala. “I want to assure the public that we will maintain county operations to the best of our ability.  We are finding creative solutions and doing everything we can to rectify the condition of the County Office Building to allow workers and the public to occupy the building as soon as possible.”  


04/16/2009 - 10:11pm