Catalyst Controller saves Thousands in Energy Costs

Binghamton, NY – Broome County Executive Debbie Preston teamed up with the Director of the Office of Energy Development Margaret Scarinzi and representatives from Sure Temp to discuss details of a project that will help the County save thousands of dollars in energy costs at the Broome County Public Library.


“I want to thank the Office of Energy Development and Sure Temp for finding this new technology that will produce big savings for the people of Broome County,” says County Executive Preston.  “This technology will not only reduce our energy costs but will also provide better air quality for the people in the library.”


The CATALYST System helps to regulate the temperature inside the library.


Tests show it will help the County save 60% percent in heating and energy costs, which equals about $18,335 per year at the library.


“This system will help reduce the demand on our current HVAC systems and will help to keep the building cool even on the hottest days of the summer and warm on the coldest days in the winter,” says Director of Energy Development Margaret Scarinzi.


“Not only is this new controller saving the County money on energy costs, it’ll also help reduce maintenance costs for the HVAC system,” says Richard Miller of Sure Temp.


The CATALYST controller identifies issues sooner, meaning the County can fix things when they are a minor problem instead of waiting until something major goes wrong and costs thousands of dollars more to fix.


It also helps to increase the lifetime of the very expensive compressors on the roof because they will now only be running a fraction of the time, reducing the workload on them as well.


This CATALYST controller will not only save money and conserve energy, it’ll actually pay for itself through those savings in a little more than 2 years.


The County hopes to be able to use the CATALYST controller to help lower energy costs and consumption in other buildings that are run by the County.



09/25/2014 - 2:10pm