May 16, 2017: Maine-Endwell School District hosts assemblies on injuries and opioids

The ACBC Family Navigator Program will be providing families and individuals with co-occurring disorders assessment, assistance, and connection to services in areas related but not limited to: addiction and mental health services, insurance, housing, medical services, transportation, and employment.  She will assist client with the necessary tools to attain optimal success in recovery. In addition, she will be facilitating an evidence based psycho-educational family therapy program on co-occurring disorders, building healthy communication and support within the family dynamic. The Family Navigation Program will be further supported by peer advocates, working one-on-one, connecting clients with agencies within the community. 

Contact: Jill Lloyd, Family Navigator, (607) 422-4242

YWCA’s The Bridge Program will be a specialized track to allow the YWCA residential staff to address all barriers that could impede a Mother, with a baby born addicted, from being successful in achieving long term recovery. This track will offer drop in child care center for children of the program overseen by a Child Care Worker and a group of volunteer Moms who live in the program. The track will offer specialized groups such as relapse prevention and education, healthy relationships, mediation, spirituality, vocational/educational groups etc. It will offer supportive substance use disorder counseling and mental health counseling. This track will offer incentives throughout the 7 to 12 month stay in the program and successful graduates will leave having acquired the funds to pay for a security deposit for an apartment in the community as well as having some furnishings for the apartment.  For more information, call (607) 772-0340 x232