BMTS Study Policy Committee


(Binghamton- NY) The Binghamton Metropolitan Transportation Study Policy Committee will meet Monday, December 14th at 2pm in the 5th floor conference room at the State Office Building.
Items on the agenda include:  
s         2011-2015 Transportation Improvement Program. This program includes all projects in the Binghamton metro region that will be eligible for funding by either the Federal Highway Administration or Federal Transit Administration. The TIP is usually updated every 2 years, but was delayed for a year at the request of New York State DOT. Much of this discussion will focus on uncertainty about funding transportation improvements. The Federal transportation program, SAFETEA-LU, expired on Sept 30, 2009 and has not been renewed. The State transportation program expires on March 31, 2010, and may be subject to the state’s fiscal constraints.
s         2035 Long Range Plan. BMTS is required by law to put in place a long range regional transportation plan, and to update it at least every five years. The current plan, TRANSPORTATION TOMORROW 2030~PLACEMAKING FOR PROSPERITY, was adopted in September 2005; an updated plan must be adopted by next September. These plans are a major undertaking. The new plan is not intended to replace all of the content of Placemaking, but may have a major new focus on sustainability. There will be numerous opportunities for public input over the coming months.
The Policy Committee will recognize Town of Owego Supervisor Carol Sweeney, who has been Chair of the committee for six years, and who will be leaving public office.
All BMTS meetings are open to the public, whose participation we encourage. Thank you for notifying people of this meeting, as well as for your coverage.
MEDIA CONTACT:   Steven Gayle, Executive Director


12/10/2009 - 1:18pm