Binghamton Metropolitan Transportation Study Policy Committee To Meet

The  BMTS Policy Committee will be taking action on the Unified Planning Work Program, which describes the tasks to be undertaken in the coming year by BMTS staff, and the federal grant funding that will support it.

Highlights include completion of the new long range regional transportation plan, Transportation Tomorrow 2035; a new regional Pedestrian Plan; road safety assessments, including an evaluation of Routes 12 and 12A in the Town of Chenango in light of forthcoming retail development; and a study of the potential to consolidate traffic signal maintenance among area municipalities.

The Committee will be discussing priorities for the expenditure of federal highway and transit funds on projects throughout the region. This discussion, which began in December, will focus on local projects, and on state and local bridges. BMTS is faced with the uncertainty generated by continuing inaction in Congress on reauthorizing a multi-year transportation program. Final approval of the program of projects will not occur until June 1; during the intervening time, BMTS and New York State DOT will continue to work together to refine a project list that matches available funding.
The BMTS Policy Committee will meet:
1:30 PM
Broome County Office Building, 6th floor conference room


All BMTS meetings are open to the public, and they are encouraged to attend.

03/04/2010 - 4:05pm