What coaches say about the
STOP-DWI Holiday Classic . . .

"We have traveled throughout the country to Nationally ranked high school tournaments from Las Vegas to North Carolina from New York to Florida and the STOP-DWI Holiday Classic in Binghamton, New York is the premier tournament experience for us.  This tournament is the total package from the hotel accommodations and meal plan to the hospitality and competition everything was first class."

Steve Wright, Head Coach
South Laurel High School
London, Kentucky

"Over the years, we have been very fortunate to travel all over the country and participate in many excellent tournaments.  No tournament does a better job of combining great competition, warm hospitality, and most importantly, a life saving message than the STOP-DWI Holiday Classic.  Holy Corss will return to the STOP-DWI Holiday Classic anytime we are invited."

Paul Gilvary, Head Coach
Holy Cross High School
Flushing, New York

 “What more can I say-another year and another GREAT Tournament. On behalf of everyone here at St. Thomas, we thank you and your staff for our time in Binghamton. Outstanding competition, a great message, and a wonderful experience for our kids makes for a fantastic event. You should be proud in providing an atmosphere where young men can grow and mature through basketball.”

Steve Strand, Head Coach
St. Thomas Aquinas High School
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

"As a coach, it was just an absolute honor to have my kids be involved in a tournament run with such class and to also have the opportunity to play against such top quality talent.  This made us a tighter group and a better team.  It was an absolutely amazing experience for my staff and my team.  In short, a large Thank You from the Bishop Ford Community."

John Infortunio, Head Coach
Bishop Ford Central Catholic High School
Brooklyn, New York

"The facility is top-notch. It's probably the best-organized tournament we've ever been to, and I really mean that-from the packets that have been sent out to deadlines that we have to meet, everything.”

Josh Pratt, Head Coach
Towson Catholic High School
Towson, Maryland

“STOP-DWI Holiday Classic is a First Class Tournament with First Class people running the show. Having been to many national tourneys, the STOP-DWI Holiday Classic rates right up there with all the big time events. The facilities, the competition, the living arrangements and food were all top of the line. We would be honored to be invited back in the future.”

David Wojciechowski, Head Coach
Villa Angela St. Joseph High School
Cleveland, Ohio

“The STOP-DWI Holiday Classic in Binghamton, New York is now one of the nations elite holiday basketball events and helps support the prevention of alcohol and drug abuse. Every coach who has carried his team to Binghamton raves about the organization and outstanding quality of the event. This event does things for all the good reasons and I admire and respect what they do.”

Eddie Oliver

“We're fortunate enough that we've been able to travel and play in many tournaments. You name it, we've been there. This is one of the best we've been to It's very well run, very organized, the hotel does a super job, it's a very good arena and they're building up a very competitive tournament… This really is a great tournament.”

Gary DeCesare, Head Coach (retired)
St. Raymond High School
Bronx, New York

“Thank you for inviting Gonzaga to your excellent tournament…If it isn't already, the STOP-DWI Holiday Classic will soon be one of the best tournaments in the country.”

Dick Meyers, Head Coach (retired)
Gonzaga Collegiate High School
Washington, DC

"You run a first class tournament. Our players and coaches have enjoyed the experience at the STOP-DWI Holiday Classic each time you have invited us. The competition, the accommodations, the meals and the organization of the tourney make yours one of the best holiday tournaments in the country. I have particularly enjoyed the messages, the challenges, and the inspiration you have given our young men during the daily workshops. My prayer is that your "message" will have a lasting impression on all the young men that attend your tournament. Thank you for standing up for such an important cause!"

David Close, Head Coach
Stow-Monroe Falls High School
Stow, Ohio

"On behalf of our players, coaches, and parents, I would like to thank you and everyone involved in the recent STOP-DWI Tournament. Our team had a great experience and I hope it will improve them as both players and responsible citizens in the future."

Tom Dickman, Former Head Coach
Thomas Johnson High School
Frederick, Maryland

"We have attended tournaments across the country and this was, by far, the best run of them all. The hotel was first rate, the food was outstanding, and the arena was a great place to play and the competition was excellent. Furthermore, it was a tournament with a message, and I am sure the young men on my team benefited greatly from it."

Bob Wonson, Head Coach
Shaker Heights High School
Shaker Heights, Ohio

"You and your staff do a great job and give young men one tremendous experience. It's a first class affair run by first class people..."

Cokey Robertson, Director of Basketball
St. Maria-Goretti High School
Hagerstown, Maryland

"It's great. We've been to a lot of tournaments, and this one is outstanding. It is very organized, the kids are treated very well."

Frank Novak, Former Head Coach
Benedictine High School
Cleveland, Ohio

"We have never participated in a tournament that was better organized...Hotel accommodations, meal schedule, awards and the hospitality was excellent."

Chuck Granby, Former Head Coach
Andrew Jackson High School
New York City, New York

"It's awesome!...The hospitality has been great and the people are just wonderful. It's the best we've been to, between the food, the hotel, the tournament, everything together."

Bryce Hibbard, Former Head Coach
Eastern High School
Louisville, Kentucky

"The STOP-DWI Classic is a very well organized, first class event...Words could not describe how well we were treated or what a positive experience the trip was for each member of our program."

Roger Cramer, Former Head Basketball Coach
Barberton High School
Barberton, Ohio